Selecting Granite Tile - Installation Your Own Counter Tops


Not available in parts of Oregon and Washington.




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These are representative photographs of what granite
tile countertop installations can look like.

Here's what one of our customers had to say about their experience with Easy Granite Tile:

"The people at Easy Granite Tile were great to deal with. I had done ceramic tile before, but installing a granite tile countertop was something new. It takes more planning than ceramic tile, but the Easy Granite website was very helpful with the planning. I had the right amount of tiles plus a few extra. I had some questions about the process and their customer service was very helpful. The crate received some minor damage during shipment, but there was no damage to my order because it was packaged so well. When I called to report this to Easy Granite Tile, I got great help. The quality of the tile and the workmanship on the edging was excellent. They are great people to deal with and I highly recommend to anyone considering installing their own granite tile countertop." -- J.B., Battle Creek, MI