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Why did I come up with a smaller number than what the Easy Tile Calculator came up with when I measured the area of my countertop and backsplash?

There are several mistakes commonly made when calculating the amount of tile required for a granite tile countertop. These mistakes include: failure to include material for self edge and/or backsplash, using exact countertop square inches to determine the number of tiles, and measuring the countertop incorrectly. However, the most common mistake made by homeowners (and sometimes even granite tile installers) is just not ordering enough tile. The result is a shortage of tiles or machined edges necessary to complete the installation. The problem of tile shortages can be much more significant than just the cost of ordering and shipping replacement tiles. Finding replacement granite tiles that match the color of the original order can be a real problem because granite color can vary from lot to lot. And, consider the frustration when an entire installation is put on hold for just one tile or edge while ordering additional tiles or edges.

The Easy Granite Tile / Easy Tile Calculator was designed to minimize these errors by providing enough extra tile and edging in our formula to ensure that you will have enough tile and edging to complete your job, even if you encounter minor difficulties. It is also a good idea to have extra tiles on hand after the installation is complete in the event of an accident in which tiles are damaged.

How do I know for sure that the color of tile I select will be the color I get?

Color variability is one of the realities of working with any natural stone, and granite is no exception. Easy Granite Tile has gone to extra lengths to provide a color-consistent line of granite tile, but the challenge of providing our customers with the exact granite product that they want does not end there.

In doing business over the internet, we are all limited in our ability to compare colors by the degree of calibration of our own video displays. That is why Easy Granite Tile has developed our Color Assurance Program (CAP.) With our CAP Program we are able to ensure that there is no misunderstanding between EGT and our customers with regard to the actual color of granite tile that will be in your order.

Once your order is placed and your tile has been selected, a sample tile from your order is pulled and express-shipped to your doorstep for your approval. This ensures that the color of tile you wanted is the color of tile you receive. (We also polish one edge on the sample tile.) No fabrication of any kind will be performed on your tile order until we have received your color confirmation.

Why is there no provision for sink or oven on the layout plans provided?

The location of the sink in the layout has no impact at all on either the amount of tile or edging needed for the completion of the counter top, since the cutout for the sink will be taken from each of the tiles impacted. The impact of the oven on the layout is similar. With the loss of tile due to overlapping, the impact on the number of tiles can be as little as two tiles and, less frequently, as much as four. Our experience with granite tile countertops has always been that it is always better to have a few extra than being short of tile on a job.

Why is a machine polished edge so important?

Precision manufacturing machinery is what makes possible a consistent standard of quality in any business, and even more so when working with a material as hard as granite.

EGT has perfected the most precise tile-edging technology available anywhere. Our quality is unsurpassed. The surfaces of our bull-nosed edges match precisely the face of our natural stone tiles in both dimensional consistency and finish. A consistent 5/16’ radius bull-nose is used for all for standard 12 x 12 tiles. Every edge is precisely machined and polished by our unique machining process.

Only with precision FACTORY EDGING, is it possible to achieve a truly professional looking installation. The accuracy of our machining and polishing equipment ensures that the finish on the bull nosed edge, not only matches the finish on the top, but it also makes an exact edge-to-edge fit of your tiles possible. All of the edges match up precisely so that your countertop will look straight and true.

Who will cut my tile?

It is the job of the tile installer to cut the tile. Tile saws are generally available thru rental companies and some hardware stores that cater to do-it-yourselfers.

Why should I purchase my granite tile from

For three reasons: first, we only supply the highest grade of granite tile available and we hand inspect each piece to ensure it meets our high standards. Secondly, only Easy Granite Tile can offer the highest quality edging on the tile we sell. And finally, we provide the tile with the highest quality edging to your doorstep.

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