Selecting Granite Tile - Installation Your Own Counter Tops


Not available in parts of Oregon and Washington.




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Focused on the Perfect Granite Tile Experience

Easy Granite Tile™ was founded on the idea that it is possible to provide the highest quality granite tile with factory-perfect edging delivered to your door, ready to begin installation.

Hi. We're Vern and Roger, the owners of Easy Granite Tile. We're here to provide you with the highest quality granite tile, with edging that sparkles, and to help when you have questions. We've even made the most detailed video ever made about installing granite tile, and we'll be happy to give you a free copy*. Just ask for it when you place your order for granite tile.

If you have questions about ordering your granite tile, give us a call at 1-877-398-4531. We'll be glad to help.

Easy Granite Tile purchases only the highest grades of granite tile. The grade of tile we supply is not available through the typical mass merchant channels.

Easy Granite Tile has perfected the most precise tile-edging technology available anywhere. The result is QUALITY. The surfaces of our bull-nosed edges match precisely the face of our natural stone tiles in both dimensional consistency and finish. A consistent 5/16" radius bull-nose is used for all standard 12" x 12" tiles. Every edge is precise and even because of the accuracy of our unique machining process.

Easy Granite Tile then uses the most reliable transportation system available to deliver factory quality granite tile to your doorstep!